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Volume 25, Number 4 — April 2018

Celebrating Poetry: Sally Smith

Sally Smith
Sally Smith

March 29, 2011

She has served as editor of Ampersand, the literary magazine and is the winner of the college's 2006 Leidig Poetry Prize. Her poem "Vagabonds" appeared in the Winter 2010 edition of the Battered Suitcase, a Vagabondage Press Publication. Sally has lived in Austin, TX, and Blacksburg, VA, and hopes to pursue graduate work in creative writing.

Wintertime Sunset

by Sally Smith

Glow of
sherbert cloud fills the sky:
sunset a swelling
exhale. The cold-tin dribbles drum
daunting as the unnatural
glow of charged sky begins
to fade. We prowl this earth-
stadium afterglow, life lit up
for us. Orange
light shines in the west,
burning bright through skeletal,
tender branches and
burrs of evergreen puff,
glowing as pricks of my own
blood, the holes between
threads where the cold cuts through, leaving me

"Reclaiming Life" by Michelle Ginsberg

Topics: Poetry